Friday, October 4, 2013

First Snow

When the first snow of the year finally hits,
a wonderful silence permeates the air.
It dampens
the profound echoing of the buddha
and the singing of the trees,
leaving only the wind to howl as it howls and barks
through the groaning canyons of antiquity.
It's this same dampening
coming to me
when the eyes are closed,
when the rhythm of the breath and my beating heart
sweep me away
in a holy trance.
The same charging silence.
The same
perfectly choreographed thoughtlessness
springing forth from the void.
Healing all the loneliness
the hopelessness-
erasing any sickness of the mind.
It hits you for a moment.
And when fading,
you realize: "It is coming.
So I don't have to wait
for it
any more."