Excerpts of Random Prose

The roar of the ocean is such an eternal sound, like the sound of silence- Maybe they’re opposing forces- I go down to the shoreline and scoop up some water to splash on my face and taste it a little, which tastes even a little like the idea of the sea in my head- maybe learned from earlier memories or even instinctually from before birth or maybe even previous lifetimes and subsequent reincarnations

I wanna head over to the boardwalk cause I’ve got a huge hankering for caramel corn from Dolles, but Mary Ann convinces me otherwise and says, “I’ll make you some at home.  I make the best caramel corn and even put pecans in it or any nuts you like”- So we walk on down to the boardwalk anyways and it’s one huge circus of the moon, of neon lights, of busybodies and freaks- I play thirteen games of skiball (25 cents each) and finally win a little stuffed dolphin but I’m frustrated in the process cause my machine’s only got two balls and I’m tired of bending over and waiting- Noah picks us up and I wanna head down to the beach and sip my flask and write my poems while listening to the sound of the sea but Mary Ann’s not having it- “I just don’t like the idea of you going down there alone” she says and continues to tell me how just last week 2 girls got hit over the head and there’s all sorts of the devil- but I don’t care, I live 3000 miles away surrounded on all sides my mountains and extensive plains and never get a chance to dig the surf- I finally coerce her to drive me down but I’ve only got 30 minutes so I’m rushing even to get out my scribbles- I find a nice spot to sit and right away I see there’s people shooting fireworks off to my right, in the distance, down the beach, down beyond even further the glow of the big town in the post rain nighttime haze- the moon even obscured in the haze too and at this point I’m writing all over the page- it’s one hurried escapade of the mist but I love it anyways and don’t even get to sip on my flask cause there’s not time to enjoy and I don’t wanna have Mary Ann smell booze on my breath-

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