Saturday, February 27, 2016

sleep that long sleep
to let the head unwind
and stuff away
a galaxy
of unwanted thoughts—
I ask why they arise?
I am perplexed
as to how
can force its way
through the great canal
of birthdom (birth-dom)
into being-ness—
there must be a fierce
power that propels
life forward,
else my aching brain
would not be burdened—
Or, maybe,
I have not yet expanded my perspective
to catch a glimpse
of a more complex design
simply falls within—
like a feather
resting upon a cloud
within the infinite expanse of sky—
it's mine to ponder,
but what can I do

to send burden on it's way?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

far off mountain top
with far off dreams
and far off visions
of worlds
the human mind
can only see
with eyes closed
in complete and utter
peaceful empty tranquil trance
yes, the worlds are coming
mmmhmmm graceful
from beyond the clouds
where there is no sky
only a half moon rising
in blazing sun
to kiss the stars