Saturday, February 27, 2016

sleep that long sleep
to let the head unwind
and stuff away
a galaxy
of unwanted thoughts—
I ask why they arise?
I am perplexed
as to how
can force its way
through the great canal
of birthdom (birth-dom)
into being-ness—
there must be a fierce
power that propels
life forward,
else my aching brain
would not be burdened—
Or, maybe,
I have not yet expanded my perspective
to catch a glimpse
of a more complex design
simply falls within—
like a feather
resting upon a cloud
within the infinite expanse of sky—
it's mine to ponder,
but what can I do

to send burden on it's way?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

far off mountain top
with far off dreams
and far off visions
of worlds
the human mind
can only see
with eyes closed
in complete and utter
peaceful empty tranquil trance
yes, the worlds are coming
mmmhmmm graceful
from beyond the clouds
where there is no sky
only a half moon rising
in blazing sun
to kiss the stars

Monday, June 16, 2014

every single thing
and I mean every particle down to the last drop
around us
like the ripples in a pond
where a rock is thrown
the ringing
and reverberation created
after a piano key is struck
a rock does not need to be thrown
nor a musical instrument hit,
because there are hidden ripples
and an invisible reality of sound
extending out
as psychokinetic vibrations
even the things you would least suspect
so, if you
are one of the few chosen
to be more attuned to these tremors
than others,
treasure the gift
and protect your own uniqueness
at all costs
never get sucked down
by primitive intentions
for you must endure
you MUST endure and safeguard the forces
that drive
evolutionary complexity
the saving grace
of this beautiful world

Sunday, June 15, 2014

once a day
upon awakening
we feel invincible
when the sun rises
and for a brief lapse
in the ego-dominated mind's eye
we are lulled into eternity
because we have not yet been presented with an occasion
to be pulled down
by the world of ten-thousand things
the hope is,
the goal is,
that we can remember that feeling
of how close we felt to God
when we first opened our eyes
and have such inspiration
the entirety
of our daylight hours
so when the sun sets
and we question
our own mortality
it will be a simple thought
that is laughed off
on our way
to sleep

Saturday, June 14, 2014

i don't believe in death
i don't believe there is ever an end
your soul
is in your keeping
so remember
that even when those dark forces
in power
seek to sway you
that you can only live
if you can be perceived,
just look to your heart
and know
that your capacity
to live on
is boundless
this is why
i gaze towards the sun,
because I know
that i will be there

the only reason something becomes lost
is because
the someone who does the losing
'I own that'
which is why
nothing is ever lost
there is only the recycling of what is
so that it may be used again
in another way
you cannot own
a piece of dirt
than the sky
can claim
a drop
of rain
for all of life 
is a complex medium of repurposed matter
you must come to see
that when what you 'have'
is gone
has found another home
in another place

we all have our troubles
but if you think that yours
are any harder
or more noble
than anyone else's 
you are mistaken
so let go
of trying to place
your variety of suffering
within the context
of the Great Story,
and focus your energy
deciding upon
the lesson to be found
that is the journey
and that is
the joy

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I sit in silence and contemplate the stars
The day is spent chopping wood
And gathering water from the nearby
To drink
I have visions of loveliness
And a happy life

What is a poem?

a poem is just an arbitrary
arrangement of words,
that happens to have meaning,
which negates its randomness,
because there is no meaning
that occurs
by accident
and for this reason,
there is no folding up of a poem
into your pocket,
just the admiring of Order
in a random moment
when things come together
and you can sigh ahhh

Let The Light In

the trees can only breathe when the sun can shine
the earth only spins because of empty space
gravity only exists when there is relativity
disease emerges if sickness is ignored
wisdom evolves out of suffering
pain is a perception
freedom is always there
negativity is not healthy
profanity is easy language and the easy way out
beauty will never dissolve
music is the outward manifestation of the beating heart
sound is a function of the senses and can be lost
words are sacred
pride is the opposite of courage
fear is the flip side of productivity
protect the oceans
preserve the forests
treasure the mountains
love yourself
love the world
wake the fuck up
contradictions are inevitable because they are one in the same
history repeats itself and you will find yourself full circle
don't make the same mistake twice
sayings can be witty and mindless
don't be mindless
the richness of life is for the mindful
travel is not obligitory but kindness is
superstitions are patterns of anxiety bundled into a moment
troubles come and go
give everything away
materialism is a concept developed for exploitation
you own absolutely nothing
there is only light
let it in
there is only light
let it in 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bright Lights, Big City

The bright yellow glow of a city at night
sitting up
like a luminous, artificial cloud
its noise
drifting off to a place no one knows,
or can name
'cause it can't be placed
or have a finger put down upon it
but still it's there
the city
and still it's gonna dance
yet somehow
there's no explaining
why it draws us in

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Dogma of a Warrior

My religion is EMPTINESS
My practice is BLISS
My vision is UNITY
My intention is PEACE
My strength is FLEXIBILITY
My faith is BELIEF
My medicine is LOVE
My passion is TRUTH
My guide is INTUITION
My quest is MEANING
My shield is COURAGE
My destiny is BEAUTIFUL
My life is a BLESSING
for I Am a Warrior
and you are too.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Annihilation of Self

The annihilation of self
is only
an intellectual process
insofar as that self can be carried
by a consciousness.
a consciousness has limits,
and once we understand
that as long as we carry
a self
in our pocket,
it will never expand,
or develop,
or charge that cosmic gap
where our true nature is revealed
and our consciousness remembers
its place amongst
all of life.
Once fully awakened,
the self  becomes universal,
and once again contributes
to the evolutionary force
which motivated a self
to become one
with Truth.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Morning Meditation

I open myself up
with eyes a-closed,
feet a-fixed
firmly on the ground,
feeling the earth beneath my feet,
while silently
a prayer for the Great Mother.
Soon enough
the mind sits still,
while the soul
goes a-floating
like a cloud
the great expanse of sky

I find myself struck
more and more frequently
by spontaneous fits
of laughter
consumed by the sole thought
that life is a miracle
and it is beautiful
to be alive

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deep down
if you are ever wondering
about something grand,
if some astonishing energy
is bursting at the seems to meet you,
if there is some great calling
within you
there is no explaining why
it’s choking—
turn the mind inside out
so its electricity is dispersed
and can light up the surrounding sphere—
just as a leap of faith
precedes trust,
only when you fully let go
and fully surrender
such an act

Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's up to you
to decide
the person
you will become—
and, no matter the decision
you make
the integrity
of your character—
out there,
amongst the stars,
your destiny
is patiently awaiting
your choice
so that
it can
the world

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Desert Chrysalsis

is transformative,
a variety of medicine
that tempers
the hard-rigid
outer layer
of soul
by perforating
the dispensable
of self
those higher vibrations within
are engaged and developed
and brought forth
with a new
and refined
an ecdysis of sorts
and whether given
or received
love remains delicate,
like the wings
of a butterfly
at the tail end
of an epic migration,
forceful enough
to pull
the heart
divine proclivities,
as the moon
pulls the tides
and shapes the world

Friday, November 8, 2013


Gratefulness is a word
that expands the mind
to the unlimited possibilities

of heart-astounding wonder,
that provides an escape
from the prison
of suffering
by the mind
to contain itself.
gratefulness is not just a word;
it is a feeling
that can dissolve
the ceiling
of limitation
and reveal
a cosmic world
of everlasting peace
and beauty
Gratefulness if like a flower,
a sweet
and delicate
teardrop of the sky
to bloom for you
and nourish
that pocket
of your soul
for honey.

Friday, October 4, 2013

First Snow

When the first snow of the year finally hits,
a wonderful silence permeates the air.
It dampens
the profound echoing of the buddha
and the singing of the trees,
leaving only the wind to howl as it howls and barks
through the groaning canyons of antiquity.
It's this same dampening
coming to me
when the eyes are closed,
when the rhythm of the breath and my beating heart
sweep me away
in a holy trance.
The same charging silence.
The same
perfectly choreographed thoughtlessness
springing forth from the void.
Healing all the loneliness
the hopelessness-
erasing any sickness of the mind.
It hits you for a moment.
And when fading,
you realize: "It is coming.
So I don't have to wait
for it
any more."

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Moment of Inspiration

The sun never sets on a September sky
It just keeps blazing
With that white golden light of eternity
And it dangles from pursed lips
Like the ember at the end of a cigarette
That slippery slope
Of inspiration and its translation
Into something communicable
That delicate balance of panic and patience
Not all of us have it
Some of us wish for it
Some of us let it fade away
That precise moment of clarity
When the sun hits the lips
And the world is speaking
Of a beautiful creature
That never dies

Monday, July 8, 2013


War- in its cruelest form
gifts a man with conflict
so that he knows
the horror of darkness
and can make a promise
after the war has been seen through
to retire to a quiet place
where the birds can sing
and the sweet smell of spring flowers
can draft through the house
on warm, sunny afternoons—

but he never forgets
that festering whore of war
where the soul is lost
and mankind sees their most dreadful days—

except in the most extraordinary of ways
war is the only way
a man can know peace
in his heart
after living the loss of it,
and with absolute resolve
to hold peace close
and never let
it be pillaged

Saturday, June 29, 2013


There is a droplet of the universe
descending from the heavens—
A clear, luminescent bulb
of an electric orb—
I see its colors,
spreading out like veins
as it pulsates—
An image in my mind
of a cell
with infinite dendrites
all connected together,
all interconnected together—
the variegate web—
I see it coming
to stroke my cheek—
the sweet shocking clip of a raindrop
on the jowl
it touches
and then is gone—
But I can’t stop thinking
about the fantasy
of it becoming me

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sun and Bugs


So many a-bugs congregate beneath the lights of street lamps
Believing it to be their sun
Little do they know, that another
Rests 10 feet away
With a separate population

But all the street lights shine brilliantly
Beneath a vibrant half moon
Illuminating the sky
And all bugs that reside beneath each street lamp
Are in love with the same bright light
That lies within an even greater light, the moon

And that, to me, is God
The lighting of street lamps
And the shining of the moon
And it all exists so perfectly together
Without any streetlight having anything to do with the moon
And any bug interfering with the light except to bask in it
Because the unity underlying all life
Is that we all seek to bask in the light
With out ever really knowing
Whether or not the same light
Rests 10 feet away


The Infinite
Nature of Light
Everything is Cyclical

There is a particular aspect of poetry that should, in the words of John Keats, “soothe and embolden the soul to accept mystery.”  Poetry doesn’t always fill in every gap or make plain the story being told; much is open to interpretation.  Sometimes the power of a poem evolves out of its mystery, much like music, which would not exist without its counterpart— silence.

I’m talking about bugs but I’m not really talking about bugs.  The reference is there to start you out on a microcosmic level before expanding out and referencing the infinite.  A population of bugs beneath a street lamp may seem as a world unto itself.  But a population of bugs is intricately intertwined with countless other populations, some of which are servants to, perhaps, a more illustrious source of light.

The streetlamps are there to accredit a specific method, approach, or design to worship God.  And although that naked truth is not directly stated, the allusion is to that of light— bringer of the divine, an envoy of awakening.  The streetlamp is not divinity itself, but a conduit for divinity.  As an example, organized religions are mediums for worship.  Muslims may have a specific text to pay homage to, or have daily practices, all of which honor and glorify their interpretation of what is right and what should be exalted.  And those practices and those texts may be very different for the Buddhist man who spends hours a day meditating or a Catholic woman who speaks with a priest to atone for her sins.  But each and every one of those spiritual trajectories are magnificent in that they find beauty in the divine and purpose for it— divinity elevates the mundane and considers every process towards its discovery as sacred.  In this respect, those who worship divinity all worship the same essence, which is why I say: “all bugs that reside beneath each street lamp are in love with the same bright light.”

The moon is there to play the part of a greater force, again suggesting the possibility of infinite layers of worship and indeterminable confines for divinity.  And how do we know whether or not we are like bugs to a streetlamp, admiring what we refer to as our sun?  There is no way to know, and that is the mystery.  But isn’t it beautiful?  Isn’t it transcendent?

So if we are all in love with the same bright light, it should all exist so perfectly together.  Without any streetlamp having anything to do with the moon.  And no bug interfering with the light except to bask in it.