Sunday, June 8, 2014

Let The Light In

the trees can only breathe when the sun can shine
the earth only spins because of empty space
gravity only exists when there is relativity
disease emerges if sickness is ignored
wisdom evolves out of suffering
pain is a perception
freedom is always there
negativity is not healthy
profanity is easy language and the easy way out
beauty will never dissolve
music is the outward manifestation of the beating heart
sound is a function of the senses and can be lost
words are sacred
pride is the opposite of courage
fear is the flip side of productivity
protect the oceans
preserve the forests
treasure the mountains
love yourself
love the world
wake the fuck up
contradictions are inevitable because they are one in the same
history repeats itself and you will find yourself full circle
don't make the same mistake twice
sayings can be witty and mindless
don't be mindless
the richness of life is for the mindful
travel is not obligitory but kindness is
superstitions are patterns of anxiety bundled into a moment
troubles come and go
give everything away
materialism is a concept developed for exploitation
you own absolutely nothing
there is only light
let it in
there is only light
let it in 

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