Monday, December 10, 2012


In order to heal, the desire to heal must evaporate entirely.

            At first, this idea may seem counterintuitive.  You could argue that to move forward with anything, whether it is healing or a job promotion, that you must have desire, that every developing action is induced by the drive to do so.  And, yes, desire must exist, but there is good desire and bad desire.  The discrepancy resides in our interpretation of the word and how it is implemented.
            Even if you place your intention on healing, on actualizing a perfectly healthy self somewhere in the future, that perfectly healthy self will never exist because you are creating a reality that does not and will never provide the conditions for a perfect self.  The simple act of wanting to heal creates a manifest self that is currently, and presently, not healed.  There is no distinction between believing that you can heal or believing that you can’t, in either case the answer/result lies somewhere outside yourself in the future or somewhere else- that you are not presently perfect and healed.  The only difference is that the latter case constructs a certainty in which you presently do not have the capacity to do so.
            Being perfectly healthy is about having a healthy soul, that is, coming to an understanding that no matter the state of your physical body, that everything is as it should be.  When we disengage from desire, we surrender and accept our current state.  It is through this process that we better feel the present moment, and no longer react to the emotions that relentlessly flood our system from day to day.  Desire is rooted in a need.  Desire rooted in a need has its source in being unsettled.  Being unsettled goes hand in hand with searching.  When one no longer searches, one awakens.  This is the foundation for acceptance.
            Perfect health is a state of being where the soul no longer searches.  The concept “everything happens for a reason” holds under the theory of predestination, whereas, coming to an understanding that everything is as it should be, is a separate state entirely.  Things and events are placed before us, not because they’ve already been decided, but because we choose not to let them alter us from our primordial state of natural and unconditional love.  When we come to this understanding, truly, down to our bones, we will heal because we already have.

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